Amanda Seyfried (INTP)

Amanda Seyfried

Type: INTP

 Profession: Actress and singer-songwriter

Born: 1985 (age 31)

Generation: Millennial

Nationality: American

"I mean, why am I considered an 'it girl?' Because I'm in a lot of movies right now or am on the covers of magazines? I just hope there is something solid behind that. Because here's the thing with 'it girl' status. It's great and amazing that anybody is saying that at all. But how long does that last?"
Amanda Seyfried


Interviews are useful for familiarizing yourself with the visual and temperamental aspects of different types.  Notice Amanda’s facial expressions, eye movements, posture, mannerisms, speech patterns, and responses to others.  Over time, you will recognize similar patterns in other INTPs.


Although not as immediately apparent as in interviews, a person’s type shines through in the work they create as well.  Notice the aesthetic, themes, and approach with which Amanda selects her acting projects.  What light can this shed on the mind of INTPs in general?

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