Welcome to our lovely readers, new and old! I want to start by saying how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for helping this site grow!

Jung Love was created to provide a hub where everyone who’s interested in Jungian typology can come to learn, explore, and be entertained. There are three primary uses for this site that I envision.

The Culture Connoisseur

For those whose primary interest in typology is in what it can tell us about the people we care about, we have celebrity typings in the “People By…” sections so that you can learn a little more about your favorite celebrities and see pictures and videos of them all in one place. We also have everyday advice and life hacks in the “Advice” section for helping you approach everyday issues like friends, family, career, and personal growth from a typology perspective.

The Interpersonal Investigator

For those who want to dive deeper into typology, learn how to type themselves and others, and use their understanding of personality to make a meaningful difference in the way they interact in the world, we have a couple of cool options. Spend some time in the “People By…” sections. Use the pictures and videos – especially the interviews – to research the ways different types act, speak, and present themselves to others. Study their body language, facial expressions, and how they move and interact in the environment. You may even find it useful to take notes. Over time, as you become familiar with the mannerisms and patterns of the various types, you will become faster and more accurate at typing those you know and predicting how they will respond in various situations. Also, don’t forget to foray into the “Advice” and “Theory” sections for tips and ideas about how different types interact in the world. With patience and curiosity, you will start to understand the power inherent in understanding personality.

The Serious Scholar

We hope to eventually create a whole site with a curriculum and a wiki for the most serious students of typology, but until then, spend some time in our “Theory” section. We break down the sometimes complicated and esoteric concepts from various branches of Jungian typology into detailed but easily-digestible chunks so that you can understand the inner workings of the system. You may also enjoy the occasional foray into the “Advice” tag, where you can see some of the theory brought to life in practical use. Typology is still a relatively young field, so who knows – maybe you’ll even be able to make some advances of your own one day?

I hope there is something that each of you finds something interesting and useful on this site! Please feel free to explore and find out what interests you most. We have ideas for new features in the works, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or requests at contact@junglove.net or leave a comment below.

Happy Typing!

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