Jerrod Blandino (ENFP)

Jerrod Blandino

Type: ENFP

 Profession: co-founder and creative director of Too Faced Cosmetics

Born: 1970 (age 47)

Generation: Gen X

Nationality: American

"And when I got my first client in the chair, I saw that this was just a different type of art medium, but it was an art medium that would transform people. It would embed self-esteem into women. I saw the transformation that occurred when I was doing my art on people, not on paper. And I was hooked."
Jerrod Blandino


Interviews are useful for familiarizing yourself with the visual and temperamental aspects of different types.  Notice Jerrod’s facial expressions, eye movements, posture, mannerisms, speech patterns, and responses to others.  Over time, you will recognize similar patterns in other ENFPs.

Keep in mind that Jerrod has almost certainly undergone Botox, which paralyzes facial muscles, and possibly other cosmetic procedures that could influence his expressions.

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Although not as immediately apparent as in interviews, a person’s type shines through in the work they create as well.  Notice the aesthetic, themes, and approach Jerrod uses in his work.  What light can this shed on the mind of ENFPs in general?

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