Kennedy Zimet (ISTJ)

Kennedy Zimet

Type: ISTJ

 Profession: Actress and YouTuber

Born: 1996 (age 21)

Generation: Millennial

Nationality: American

"I just burned my arm getting pizza out of the oven. I guess it's the things you love that hurt you the most."
Kennedy Zimet


In the absence of interviews, vlogs are another good way to familiarize yourself with the visual and temperamental aspects of different types.  Notice Kennedy’s facial expressions, eye movements, posture, mannerisms, and speech patterns.  Over time, you will recognize similar patterns in other ISTJs.


Although not as immediately apparent as in interviews, a person’s type shines through in the work they create as well.  Notice the themes and approach with which Kennedy selects her projects.  What light can this shed on the mind of ISTJs in general?

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