I’m interested in how you categorized the ENTP & ENFP (if possible ISFJ and ISTJ) subtypes. I’ve difficulties differentiating between the Creatives and Harmonizers.


Well, the first thing is that I assume basically every Creative ENxP produces art, literature, writing, videos, etc. of some kind. Other types can and do too of course, but that combination of type and subtype means that they have a deep need to create, often very quickly and prolifically. Creative ENxPs are the most likely to be the “manic pixie dreamgirl” type, emphasis on manic, although those with an Se-subtype can seem “cool” rather than quirky. They talk about every minute detail of themselves and struggle to seem interested in other people, although with practice they can get better at this. They know a lot about a lot, but may seem to forget half of the things they learn/discover. Their house/room is almost certainly a wreck or at least a very eclectic hodgepodge of clutter.

Harmonizing ENxPs are unusually private about their thoughts for an ExxP. They’re the most likely to lie or keep their opinions to themselves. They often spend a lot of time alone and probably have a lot of hobbies. Whereas creative ENxPs are prolific with the things they produce, a harmonizer is more likely to create very detailed and highly skilled works that take a lot of time. Unlike normalizers, they are not however noticeably picky or antisocial. They seem friendly and like they want to “get along” with others. They talk about themselves a lot with friends and acquaintances, but mostly on a day-to-day or superficial level. They know a lot about several different fields and can talk about them in depth. Si-subtypes usually keep a quite neat and aesthetically pleasing home (I’m not sure about Ni-subtypes)

Creative ISxJs are usually really into some specific hobby, which they have a lot of opinions about. A lot of heavy metal musicians, filmmakers, etc. They know everything there is to know about that hobby and have probably watched every documentary that exists about it. They often have really crazy hair or some other kind of idiosyncratic style. They seem very friendly, talkative, and outgoing to friends and strangers, but those who know them well will see that it’s kind of “put on”, because they’re much calmer, quieter, and more focused in their home life. They often have a lot of their favorite items displayed in their homes/rooms and, although it’s unlikely to be overly dirty, it’s probably fairly cluttered.

Harmonizing ISxJs tend to fade entirely into the background. They’ll do whatever their friends and family ask them to do, at least until they can quietly slip out of it. They won’t generally express an opinion about anything unless directly asked (and often not even then), or else if some situation is extremely intolerable (e.g. abuse). They’re very “descriptive” and tell long, detailed stories, often about history. Their homes/rooms are probably immaculate and fairly sparse. Whatever work they do, they do it very carefully, thoughtfully, and to full completion.

Below is the list of all the public figures I’ve typed who fall into these types & subtypes. I suggest watching interviews as well as examples of their work to get a sense of their vibe.

Creative ENFPs: Devendra Banhart, Bill Wurtz, Jim Carrey, Jerrod Blandino
Creative ENTPs: Grimes, Alex Jones, Jimmy Dore, Brandon Sanderson
Harmonizing ENFPs: Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Scott, Kate Wagner, Alessia Cara
Harmonizing ENTPs: Chris Ray Gun, Monica Potter, Cassie (ThriftThicke on YouTube), James Hillman, ProjectHappyHome on YouTube, Safiya Nygaard
Creative ISFJs: Tim Burton, Tori Vasquez, Larry Fessenden, Drake,
Creative ISTJs: Anna Akana, Quentin Tarantino, James Willems
Harmonizing ISFJs: Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd
Harmonizing ISTJs: Tom Petty, Shane Partlow from Amazing Race 23, Tom Holland

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